02 marzo 2013

Him through Me è l'appassionato ritratto del compianto sassofonista Gary Windo composto da Pamela Windo, sua compagna e moglie per molti anni, e amica di una vita intera. Dopo alcune versioni abbozzate e abbandonate, il testo è ora pronto e disponibile - in formato pdf - chiedendolo direttamente all'autrice: www.pamelawindo.com. Un album con registrazioni inedite di Pam e Gary Windo (e amici), Avant Gardeners, è stato amorevolmente prodotto qualche anno fa da Reel Recordings.

"A decade ago I sat down to write about the gifted musician I’d known and who’d transformed my life. I chronicled the facts and dates and famous names relating to his life in music. But I did not capture his spirit. I went on to another attempt but this proved to be a Pandora’s Box of our two lives and I abandoned it too. I only recently began writing this memoir, a portrait, a celebration, and an elegy, of a man whose life had been entwined with mine since early childhood. I will use only the things I witnessed and knew of him—his actions, ideas and gestures—and the main events of his life. Rather than romantic reminiscence, I want to give as clear and true an account of the man he was as I can, using the language—trite or clichéd as it may now seem—that accompanies my memories: it was the language of the times we lived in. So many remarkable things happened to him and to us, that it is taking me a long time to sort through and write only what is essential, with the guiding principle that less is more."