03 marzo 2013

Il concerto di Keith Tippett e Giovanni Maier a Trieste l'anno scorso, alla decima edizione del festival 'Le nuove rotte del jazz', è ripreso in un cd pubblicato da Long Song Records: Two for Joyce-Live in Trieste.

"This disc is an entire concert from May of 2012 and it is just incredible; This is well recorded, the balance perfect - we are in the first row center. Wow!Writer James Joyce is obviously an inspiration to both musicians here. The give and the take, the flow of ideas back and forth is mind-blowing, the line are always connected, inseparable. Occasionally and selectively Tippett uses a small block of wood or plays inside the piano, always to great effect. The duo take their time, slowly building from sparse beginnings. They work their way through themes, combining ideas, pushing each other deeper and deeper into unknown territory but coming up with a completely connected story. The waters become more turbulent as the piece evolves, the waves crashing more powerfully as the forces erupt together. About midway through, something remarkable takes place: the duo sound as if they have slipped into some sort of lullaby with Tippett playing these enchanting, melodic, muted phrases along with Maier's superbly plucked bass harmony. From there onwards, they take off at an astonishing tempo soaring for the stratosphere and beyond. The natural flow of events just feels right and ends in a more calm, no less magical way. There is a rather scary section towards the end when Mr. Tippett's puts that pedal down and creates those dark waves which threaten to sweep us away deeper and further into the depths. This is the first true masterpiece of 2013! How can you live without it?!?" (Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG)