10 marzo 2013

Inizia oggi dal Centro Stabile di Cultura a S. Vito di Leguzzano (Vi) una fitta serie di appuntamenti in Italia di Ned Rothenberg, con esibizioni in solo, seminari e collaborazioni in varie forme e in varie sedi tra cui Palermo, Roma, Cremona, Brescia e Padova. La scaletta completa dei concerti è in http://www.nedrothenberg.com/home.html#schedule

After his recovery from a devastating accident in 2010, Ned Rothenberg will return to the crux of his musical oeuvre, solo work, in 2012-13. The focus will be on sound and space, with a series of concerts in churches and other resonant and serene locations. Here the beauty and complexity of Rothenberg’s sound world can create a rich, sensual environment and the listener experiences visceral rather than just intellectual stimulation. These performances will offer an inviting alternative to today’s multi-tasking world. In addition to acoustic qualities, spaces will be sought where the audience can escape the conflicting energies of daily life and find singular focus. No clubs, no bars, no social hubbub. However, the goal is not just relaxation, it is a place where this unique music can speak in all its vibrancy.