24 marzo 2013

La britannica FMR raccoglie in uno strepitoso box l'intera collezione di 50 cd finora prodotti per l'etichetta da Paul Dunmall, con un ricco portfolio artistico e fotografico curato dal sassofonista stesso: "To celebrate its first 25 years FMR proudly releases a series of special limited box sets the first featuring our most prolific artists, the incredible Paul Dunmall!!! The box set has an out sleeve detailing the releases and individual limited edition serial number of 100 and is signed by Paul himself. Inside the strong magnetic clasped box is a specially prepared 273 page full colour book and a ring binder containg the 50 cds. The book contains not only all the information and anecdots and notes re. the 50 releases, but Paul's complete 'Music in the Big Key', many many pages of colour photographs, and much of his art, full colour etchings, drawings and paintings!!!"

Qualche brano da Music in the Big Key si legge nel numero di questo mese di Point of Departure: "Paul Dunmall’s “Big Key” concept, in music theoretical terms, is a surprising and radical contribution. It is a way of re-thinking music from the inside out, without essentially altering any of its components; a clear, communicable idea that exponentially expands the musical space around the player, opening up vast new possibilities and radically altering how he/she utilizes these components; a re-drawing of existing boundaries, and a multi-dimensional route-plan for re-orienting one’s playing in terms of what is actually possible, rather than what we have been bound by convention – and many conservative jazz theory textbooks – to believe and to follow".