29 marzo 2013

Prove, revisioni, versioni provvisorie e alternative dei materiali confluiti in Wing Beat Fantastic, inclusi gli schizzi iniziali dei pezzi scritti con Andy Partridge: Mike Keneally raccoglie tutto in Wing Beat Elastic e... whoopee!

"We’d originally thought that Wing Beat Elastic might be a download-only collection, a low-profile side dish to Wing Beat Fantastic, but after arriving at the song sequence and listening to it a lot, we came to love it and wanted to give it a full CD release treatment. We still love making physical products and I think we always will. Atticus Wolrab has created a beautiful digipak design that accurately reflects, in its color and mood, how this album relates to Wing Beat Fantastic and fits into the WBF universe. I think that the 53-minute Wing Beat Elastic: Remixes, Demos & Unheard Music is a beautiful listen, and seems to work equally well in headphones and in cars, and in its full glory on elaborate home stereo systems (some people still have those, yeah?). We hope that, if you enjoyed Wing Beat Fantastic, you’ll also enjoy this probe into the layers of that album’s songs, be interested to hear some of the demos I did with Andy, and appreciate the chance to hear some unreleased music from the sessions as well".