27 marzo 2013

Tornano gli appuntamenti dal vivo con Cinema Soloriens, le performance multimediali ideate più di diciassette anni fa dal regista James Harrar e dal sassofonista Marshall Allen quale ideale connubio di jazz e psichedelia, poesia e cinema sperimentale, meditazione ed elettronica. Per il ciclo che si inaugura domani - The Half a Crown Tour, una decina di date in Francia, Regno Unito e Germania - saranno della partita anche il percussionista Rogier Smal e nientemeno che Daevid Allen. Informazioni: www.cinemasoloriens.com

Cinema Soloriens is a multi-media performance consisting of James Harrar’s experimental and highly personal film and video images with a live musical rendering of soundtracks for each film. The project places attention on artist collaboration, exploring the moving image with live performance and when combined, an attempt to reveal deeper levels of interpretation within Harrar’s visceral film poems. These presentations also celebrate the early beginnings of cinema, providing live music to support and elevate the silent movie experience. Any musical incarnation of Cinema Soloriens reveals a group possessing a penchant for psychedelic rock, outre ethnological improvisations and Marshall Allen approved jazzy stomps of which these performances deliver in equal measure.
On The Half a Crown Tour (winter/spring 2013) all musical concepts are created, directed and performed by Harrar (tenor sax, flute, bulbul tarang, reeds, voice and effects) with Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, keyboards, EVI and effects), Daevid Allen (guitar, effects and voice) and Rogier Smal (percussion and electronics).