24 aprile 2013

Ben due nuovi album di Van Dyke Parks nel giro di pochi giorni: Super Chief, uscito il 20 aprile in concomitanza con il Record Store Day, e Songs Cycled, annunciato per il 6 maggio. Entrambi su Bella Union, la stessa etichetta che l'anno scorso curò la riedizione dei tre primi lavori di Parks : http://bellaunion.com/artists/van-dyke-parks

Born in Mississippi in 1943, Parks was extraordinary even as a child, a musical prodigy and actor who later became a session musician, composer, producer, arranger, lyricist, and singer. His own music is as cinematic, fantastical and even phantasmagorical as it is from the heart. Song Cycle was less conventionally pop, in verse-chorus fashion, than Smile; the mood was something like a baroque psychedelic dream filtered through Disney and music hall. Discover America was a major departure, with most songs written by pre-war Calypso musicians from Trinidad & Tobago but given Parks’ highly individual spin. Clang Of The Yankee Reaper further wove New Orleans, classical and pop strains alongside Calypso and Caribbean rhythms. There have been more albums since, plus film scores, children’s books and arrangements for a dizzying array of talent (including Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt and Rufus Wainwright), but the jewels in Parks’ legacy remain those first three albums, slices of musical history both of their time and truly timeless.
In April-May 2013 Bella Union releases Super Chief and Songs Cycled.