23 aprile 2013

Debutta su Cryptogramophone il progetto 'Disney Sun Ra' di Zeena Parkins The Adorables, con Shayna Dunkelman e Preshish Moments e con l'aiuto di Deep Singh, Dave Sharma, Danny Blume e Kristin Slipp. Ne illustra la genesi Zeena stessa: "This group came about when a choreographer named Neil Greenberg needed a piece and I decided I wanted a real band onstage with the dancers. I didn't know Mike (Preshish Moments) yet, but I knew Shayna and I knew I wanted that orchestral percussion [that she does]. I also knew I wanted electronics and I wanted beats. So Shayna told me about Mikey and the whole thing kind of fell onto the plate. I wrote a set of music and we performed it for two weeks with the dance troupe in 2010. By the time it was over, it was clear, 'oh, this is a band.' I knew I wanted to keep writing for this group. And then gigs just kept coming in... we were getting this great response. It sort of became itself really quickly."