25 aprile 2013

E' iniziato ieri a Lugano un giro di concerti di Larry Ochs con Don Robinson, al debutto in Europa nella formazione del duo. Quattro gli appuntamenti in Italia, da oggi al 28 aprile: Roma, Colleretto Giacosa (To), Novara e Ravaldino al Monte (Fc).
Giorni fa Ochs ha presentato il tour con una nota diretta ai sottoscrittori della sua periodica newsletter: "I look forward to travelling with drummer Don Robinson to Europe. Starting in Lugano on April 24, we perform 8 concerts in 9 days for the first time as a duo. We have been playing in the States this winter. The music is really challenging for us, which makes it very much worth traveling all that way to perform it. And the sound, the beauty of a lot of it, makes it worth your effort to come out and hear it live. So if you are anywhere near one of these concert venues, hope to see you there: if you dig the modern tradition of “horn-drum duos” (Coltrane-Ali, Dizzy Gillespie-Max Roach, Braxton-Roach, Wadada-Billy Higgins or Wadada-Baby Sommer, etc.) then you will definitely dig what we are doing. It is in fact our own universe, not the universe that any of those duos inhabit. So a fresh take on that configuration,we believe. We can safely say it will inspire".