14 aprile 2013

L'etichetta parigina Klimt arricchisce la propria lista di ristampe in vinile con la pubblicazione dello storico doppio album dei Centipede Septober Energy, ripristinando la candida copertina apribile della prima edizione inglese - su Neon - del 1971.

"This is a legendary all-time classic of '70s avant-British Jazz, and a long time high-priced 2 LP rarity! Keith Tippett's third album from 1971 is a 50+ piece orchestra including Mongezi Feza, Marc Charig, Elton Dean, Dudu Pukwana, Ian McDonald, Larry Stabbins, Gary Windo, Alan Skidmore, Karl Jenkins, Nick Evans, Paul Rutherford, John Marshall, Robert Wyatt, Roy Babbington, Harry Miller, Jeff Clyne, and vocalists Maggie Nichols, Julie Tippetts, Mike Patto, Zoot Money and Boz Burrell, and guitarist Brian Godding. Tippett's brilliantly structured and arranged four-part suite allows for plenty of free expression from the indivdual players. Influenced by (but not derivative of) great composer/arranger suites of Mingus, Ellington et al! Despite having been released over 40 years ago, Septober Energy remains a force to be reckoned with, and while the 85-minutes of music often resembles that of King Crimson or Soft Machine, it also brings in elements of free jazz and contemporary classical music. Finally reissued on double gatefold vinyl and featuring the original artwork."