17 aprile 2013

Robert Wyatt ha letto Him through Me, l'appassionato ritratto del compianto sassofonista Gary Windo recentemente pubblicato da Pamela Windo, sua compagna e moglie per molti anni. E ha commentato: “Blimey, that’s some work you done there. Unique, I think. Congratulations, it’s terrific stuff, a real record of the times, and a totally personal subject with a story too. Quite a feat”. La nota, assieme a un'acuta puntualizzazione personale, è riportata in un post in http://www.pamelawindo.com/robert-wyatt-on-the-new-memoir.
Him through Me, un e-book di 100 pagine in pdf che si richiede direttamente all'autrice, è segnalato in Goodreads e anche al sito web della rivista britannica The Wire: http://www.thewire.co.uk/news/22955/saxophone-player-and-robert-wyatt-collaborator-gary-windo-biography-published

"Him through Me is a portrait and a love story, set in the days when we “made love, not war.” It is a celebration of the energy and innocence of the late sixties and seventies, and, because he died too young, ends as an elegy. Though he was a minor player in the rock-star hierarchy, Gary lived life in a major key, and made an indelible impression on everyone he met. He was a hard taskmaster but a good husband and a caring and inspiring father. He had an unstoppable urge to teach and encourage, and was both a man of the times, and ahead of them. He taught me to be bold on piano and brought me to play alongside him in the company of stars. His list of concerts, collaborations, and albums ran the gamut - from Robert Wyatt, the Brotherhood of Breath, Nick Mason, Brian Eno, and cameos with Suzi Quatro and Joan Armatrading, and when we returned to his beloved USA, Carla Bley, Todd Rundgren, The Psychedelic Furs, and Allen Ginsberg. Rather than a memoir of fame and fortune, the story is both simple and universal, a courageous creative life remembered".