31 maggio 2013

Una copia in pdf di un'edizione artigianale del volumetto di scritti e poesie The Immeasurable Equation prodotto in proprio e venduto ai concerti dell'Arkestra attorno al 1980. Questo il dono che fa ai suoi lettori il sito Adventure-Equation nel novantanovesimo anniversario della venuta a questo mondo - e a vent'anni dal suo commiato - di Sun Ra: "Sun Ra’s wordplay, poetry, and language equations are as entertaining and thought provoking as his music and all seem to be parts of the same creation/presentation. I don’t think you can fully appreciate Sun Ra's music without also considering this poetry as an element of the grand equation. With this in mind I would like to share what is perhaps my most treasured piece of Sun Ra ephemera, the small self-published volume of The Immeasurable Equation originally sold at Arkestra concerts around 1980. This particular edition includes 81 poems on as many pages, printed on the rainbow's envy of colored construction paper."


30 maggio 2013

Richard Branson interviene al programma di Stuart Maconie Freak Zone, per la BBC Radio 6, per ricordare i quarant'anni dell'etichetta Virgin Records e le vicende legate ai suoi esordi. Tra un'amenità e l'altra si ascoltano Robert Wyatt, Slapp Happy, Gong, Monochrome Set, Flying Lizards, Kevin Coyne, Mike Patto, Faust, Henry Cow, Tangerine Dream, Egg e Hatfield and the North.

Marking 40 years since the very first release on Virgin Records, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, Richard Branson chats to Stuart about how the Virgin empire began with a bunch of odd records. Speaking at Virgin's new London offices Richard tells Stuart how his unique hippy capitalism started with a painfully shy 15 year-old Mike Oldfield, a bold risk-taking attitude and his faith in good music. The interview follows the history of the label up to the release of Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks. The signing propelled them from an alternative independent to major status following the publicity and controversy surrounding the album's title.


29 maggio 2013

Gli esiti della collaborazione tra i Residents e la compagnia di danza belga Needcompany guidata da Grace Ellen Barkey sfociati nella realizzazione di Mush-Room sono documentati in una ripresa pressoché integrale pubblicata su YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/ph4bwsb. Un breve video promozionale è su Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/66816167

The iconic avant-garde American performance art collective The Residents has written music for Grace Ellen Barkey and Needcompany! The Residents leapt onto her shoulders and grabbed hold of her unruly hair, and then they galloped off together into another dimension and danced a divine duet. Just imagine: The Residents, the masters of weird, and Grace Ellen Barkey, the president of the movement against melancholy.


28 maggio 2013

Due nuovi testi di sicuro rilievo nella bibliografia zappiana: Confessions of a Zappa Fanatic, di Tom Brown (HTB Publishing) e l'attesa autobiografia di Howard Kaylan Shell Shocked (Backbeat Books). A proposito di quest'ultimo si legge in una presentazione: "Kaylan’s admiration for Zappa, more than 40 years after they first worked together and nearly 20 years after the composer’s death, is almost palpable. Moreover, Kaylan is capable of doing something few other Zappa alums have done, portray his former boss in the most human of lights. There was a time, Kaylan explains, when Zappa’s Mothers were a real band and not just a leader with some hired guns. Frank was funny, one of the boys, and even capable of being a little goofy. Some of the road stories might be familiar already if one has read The Real Frank Zappa Book or watched the film 200 Motels, but Kaylan manages to clarify a few critical details and shed some new light on an era that remains, for many, an essential era of Zappa’s work. The gig, of course, couldn’t last - the group’s late 1971 tour was marred by disaster, including the fire at the Casino de Montreux and the moment when a deranged audience member knocked Zappa off a London stage, nearly killing the moustached maestro, and instantly ending the Flo and Eddie era."


27 maggio 2013

Le poesie di Emmanuel Tugny che costituiscono la partitura testuale dell'attuale fase del vasto progetto, multiforme e pluriennale, di John Greaves su Paul Verlaine sono raccolte in un volumetto pubblicato da Editions Carte Blanche: Verlaine Gisant, con illustrazioni di Mathias Pérez.

Verlaine Gisant est le libretto d'un opéra composé par John Greaves. Il consiste en une série raisonnée et séquencée "d'airs" voués à l'interprétation lyrique à mi-chemin, partant entre poème et chanson. Il forme une "partition textuelle" où s'anime une ronde névralgique, aigre-douce, au coeur de laquelle la figure, tantôt bouffonne, tantôt grave, du Verlaine agonisant, celle peinte par son ami l'écrivain Gustave Le Rouge, se voit circonscrite par les va-et vient, les croisements des voix de contemporains alertés, indifférents, de femmes aimées, goûtées, de fantômes apaisées ou brutaux. Avec 9 peintures de Mathias Pérez.


26 maggio 2013

La rievocazione degli ultimi drammatici giorni di vita del poeta Paul Verlaine è al centro dello spettacolo che va in scena oggi a Le Palais des Fêtes di Romainville (Francia), Verlaine les airs, con i testi di Emmanuel Tugny e le musiche di John Greaves: "L'ambition de ce projet est de pénétrer au plus profond de l'intimité du poète alors délirant et moribond. Aigre-douce, la musique composée par John Greaves nous emporte, nous révolte puis nous berce et nous apaise. Les textes du philosophe Emmanuel Tugny sont interprétés par deux chanteuses et deux chanteurs parmi les plus brillantes personnalités de la scène jazz française. Ce spectacle nous fait voyager dans l'univers obscur et sensuel du poète maudit et nous offre un des plus intenses et émouvants hommages jamais rendus à Paul Verlaine."
Al fianco di Greaves ci sono Elise Caron, Jeanne Added, Thomas de Pourquery, Eve Risser, Guillaume Roy, Léon Milo e Olivier Mellano. Un filmato su YouTube ritrae il gruppo durante le prove aperte condotte nei mesi scorsi al club Le Triton di Les Lilas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFtvyciZa5Y

25 maggio 2013

Nuova occasione per l'Artchipel Orchestra per presentare una personale rilettura delle musiche dei Soft Machine: questa sera a Milano (Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, via Thaon di Revel 21), nell'ambito dell'Ah-Hum Milano Jazz Festival.


24 maggio 2013

Grande attesa - 'the dream team trio of 2013 that will have all the fan boys wetting their pants with anticipation' - per la tripletta di concerti di debutto oggi a Londra, poi a Manchester e Glasgow del nuovo progetto Uneven ElevenKawabata Makoto, Guy Segers e Charles Hayward.


23 maggio 2013

Due singoli cd frutto del medesimo processo creativo: Phil Minton e Audrey Chen in duo (By the Stream) e poi con Guy Segers, Peter Jacquemyn e Teun Verbruggen (Quintet). A prezzo speciale, se acquistati insieme, su etichetta Sub Rosa.

These recordings in two movements can be taken as, on the one hand, pieces for two voices and improvisation chamber orchestra (which is what the musicians felt throughout the recording session) and, on the other hand, pure free improvisation.
By the Stream: Both voices in interaction, perpetually urging the other on, producing more than their simple addition, producing a third voice - like a semi-autonomous organism - very difficult to explain how - why - as if what had been mostly deeply burrowed was surfacing. an ur-song, like Schwitters' ur-sonate / their breath. the importance of scat, the rhythm from beyond language.
Quintet: Things get dislocated, gather themselves, spread across areas of varying intensities. More intimate or more complex song. closer to the sacred, left untouched by mediation, even slightly incomprehensible, though mostly ambivalent and reality-piercing. At times, the music seems to lead us to a meaning that is deeper than the textual level. or is it the depth of another possible song? That's when the music takes us to areas that seem perpetually urging, more than their simple addition of voices and instruments.


22 maggio 2013

Emanem pubblica integralmente il concerto di Lol Coxhill e Michel Doneda - l'ultimo tenuto insieme - a Les Instants Chavirés di Montreuil (Francia) il 3 febbraio 2011: Sitting on your Stairs.

Nelle note di copertina, scrive Gérard Rouy: "The music here is presented complete in the order of performance. Right away we feel that the two musicians wanted to give themselves space enough to let their conversation flourish in a musical area which is often soft and uncluttered – to successfully find a cohesive light without ever abandoning their own prerogatives and sensibilities. By no means is it about one playing against the other – they are light years away from historic free jazz invented in the sixties. Lol’s solo leads onto a melodic and rhythmic ostinato inciting Michel to enter through a criss-cross of bright, fresh lines. clear as crystal. In the maze of tones and colours that illuminate the music of this CD, we easily recognise the Briton through his sinuous phrasing, his micro-tonal inflections, his bitter-sweet lyricism and his particular manner of releasing small, elastic melodic structures within his tonal distortions. Down to the smallest detail, Lol Coxhill’s inventiveness and expressiveness are here at their peak. Doneda has a more organic approach to the instrument – he’s not phrasing but scratching inside his pipe, bringing out a jungle of micro-sounds, puffs and murmurs, growls and other unconventional effects. Although often graceful and delicate, their conversation can also be as keen and sharp as steel. Two musicians at the top of their art."


21 maggio 2013

La ripresa video integrale del concerto di Evelyn Glennie e Fred Frith al festival di Moers lo scorso 19 maggio, prodotta dalla WDR, è disponibile al sito di Arte Live Web: "Für viele war es das Erlebnis schlechthin: der Auftritt von Evelyn Glennie und Fred Frith beim Festival in Moers 2004. Und eigentlich verbietet es sich, ein solch legendäres Zusammentreffen an gleicher Stelle zu wiederholen. Zu groß ist die Gefahr, die Erwartungen zu enttäuschen. Auf der anderen Seite erlaubt uns das Thema "Improvisierte Musik", von denselben Musikern zehn Jahre später ein ganz unterschiedliches Konzert geboten zu bekommen. Und für alle, die damals nicht dabei waren, wird es ohnehin das "Erste Mal" sein. Evelyn Glennie ist eine faszinierende Künstlerpersönlichkeit, die sich ganz auf den Bereich der Perkussion konzentriert - mit einer ungeahnten Vielzahl an Perkussionsinstrumenten auf der Bühne. Und für Fred Frith müssen wir an dieser Stelle keine Eule mehr nach Athen tragen. Ein Zusammentreffen zweier "Giganten", auf das wir uns sehr freuen."


19 maggio 2013

Genesi ed evoluzione del brano Golden Rain - dall'album Spin di Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin, uscito nel 1991 - sono illustrate nel nuovo scritto di Stewart per l'eccellente serie Inside the Music.

Dave has written a new online music article. The latest addition to the Inside The Music series is a deconstruction of the gamelan-inspired song 'Golden Rain' from the album Spin, with audio clips, notation, photos, lyrics and explanatory text by the composer taking you through the various sections of the song. The songs covered in Inside The Music so far have been 'Jupiter Rising', 'Walnut Tree Walk', 'Let Me Sleep Tonight', 'As Far As Dreams Can Go' and 'Star Blind'. If there's another Stewart / Gaskin track you'd like to see featured, please feel free to email your suggestions to stewart.gaskin@gmail.com, or send a message on Facebook.


18 maggio 2013

Torna disponibile per Ogun l'album Procession, importante documento conclusivo della prima era della Brotherhood of Breath di Chris McGregor, registrato dal vivo a Toulouse (Francia) il 10 maggio 1977 e pubblicato in vinile qualche mese più tardi. Con McGregor c'erano Harry Beckett, Marc Charig, Radu Malfatti, Mike Osborne, Dudu Pukwana, Evan Parker, Bruce Grant, Johnny Dyani, Harry Miller e Louis Moholo. L'attuale edizione in cd recupera tre brani non inclusi nella prima versione: TBS, Andromeda e You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'Cos You Think You Know Me.

Amazing music from Chris McGregor and his legendary Brotherhood Of Breath ensemble – easily one of the most exciting forces in British jazz in the 70s, and one fo the few who was still sounding their best in the latter half of the decade! McGregor's got as much bite and burn here as with his famous earlier combo, The Blue Notes – and the lineup here boasts ex-members of that group – Dudu Pukwana on alto, Johnny Dyani on bass, and Louis Moholo on drums – all joining together perfectly with McGregor's long-spun piano lines. The ensemble also features other key British players – Mike Osborne on alto, Evan Parker on tenor, Harry Beckett and Mark Charig on trumpets, and Radu Malfatti on trombone – creating this bold horn section that stretches to the skies on waves of soul! Two lengthy pieces "Sunrise On The Sun" and "Kwaholo" bookend the shorter piece "Sonia". The cd features three more tracks not on the original album: "TBS", "Andromeda", and "You Ain't Gonna Know Me Cos You Think You Know Me".


17 maggio 2013

Su YouTube c'è la registrazione integrale del concerto di Alexander Hawkins e Louis Moholo-Moholo dello scorso 7 aprile, serata conclusiva del festival jazz di Gateshead (Regno Unito): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk4zn8dp0Sw

16 maggio 2013

Keith Tippett, Michel PilzPaul Rogers e Jean Noël Cognard in azione al club parigino Instants Chavirés lo scorso 5 marzo: li ritrae un breve filmato in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiIvjXOr0KI

15 maggio 2013

Il quartetto di Elton Dean con Paul DunmallPaul Rogers e Tony Levin ripreso dal vivo a Londra il 18 agosto 1989: il nastro faceva parte della collezione su audiocassetta diffusa a suo tempo dallo stesso Dean, ora torna disponibile presso Inconstant Sol.


14 maggio 2013

Due nuove uscite in contemporanea per l'inglese Fataka, sempre a tiratura limitata a cinquecento esemplari ma con un deciso cambio nell'impostazione grafica: Stonecipher, di Axel Dörner con Mark Sanders, e Prediction and Warning, di Ikue Mori e Steve Noble.


13 maggio 2013

Trova finalmente documentazione, seppur parziale, uno dei più sofferti progetti degli ultimi anni degli Art Zoyd: Armageddon, operetta cantata unicamente da robot ideata da Gérard Hourbette per la città di Lille, capitale europea della cultura nel 2004. Uno dei compositori coinvolti, Kasper T. Toeplitz, dice la sua: http://www.sleazeart.com/SA_docs/SA_textes/armageddon.pdf

En 200041 après l’invention du tourne-disque, les hommes se sont fait la belle, c.a.d. qu’ils ont disparu, corps et bien, mais pas leur âme ni les anges. Heureusement qu’il reste les robots d’industrie dont le rôle et la raison seront de rejouer sempiternellement les grands mythes humains: «La Guerre des Gaules», l’opération «Tempête du Désert» et «Armageddon», des opérettes au style inimitable, pleines de tueries, de massacres et de liquidations. Les musiciens perchés en haut de l’arène sont comme une assemblée des anges, effleurant les instruments électriques (capteurs, Theremin, infrarouges). D’autres en bas soufflent les trompettes de la renommée et celles de Jéricho... Les robots, dont chaque gueule est un haut-parleur, sont au nombre de vingt et un: douze sont un chœur articulé d’anges thaumaturges. Aucune voix humaine, rien que de la synthèse vocale: paroles et chants barbares aux doux chuintements métalliques des premiers ahanements humanotypes, un vrai livret d’opérette avec entrées et sorties, interjections, interventions divines, dialogues parlés, quiproquos et, pour finir, une guerre armée: un vrai carnage.


12 maggio 2013

Jon Rose è superattivo a New York questa settimana con concerti in varie situazioni e presso vari club: prima un trio con James Ilgenfritz e Audrey Chen, poi con Ilgenfritz e Eyal Maoz e poi ancora con Ilgenfritz e Jeff Zeigler, una serata con John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Kevin Norton e molti altri allo Stone, e infine assieme a Mari Kimura e Cornelius Dufallo per uno dei suoi progetti più recenti, Strings and Borders.
Scene da un altro suo recente progetto, Wreck, presentato a inizio anno al festival di musica teatro danza e arti visive di Sydney e basato sulla geniale trasformazione in oggetto sonoro di una carcassa d'auto, sono su YouTube. Lo commenta Heiner Goebbels: "What I really like about Wreck is the everchanging character of the relationship between the object (the wreck), the live performed and the pre-recorded sounds and the moving images. Between powerful acoustic attack and subtle musical discoveries of what is possible. Though overwhelming in its surprising character there is enough space for the spectator to reflect, to imagine - and to get lost between what we hear and what we see: and never be completely sure about it!"


11 maggio 2013

Nella splendida sede di Hannahs at Seale-Hayne a Newton Abbot, Devon (Regno Unito) risuoneranno domani pomeriggio le arie rossiniane da Il barbiere di Siviglia, La Cenerentola, La gazza ladra, Otello e Guglielmo Tell rilette da Mike Westbrook per la sua Big Band: Rossini Re-loaded. Con Mike e Kate Westbrook ci saranno Stan Willis, Roz Harding, Gary Bayley, Sarah Dean, Ian Wellens, Mike Brewer, Sam Massey, Lewis West, Dave Holdsworth, Dave Hankin, Bob Cronin, Stewart Stunnell, Ken Cassidy, Bill Bottle, Janna Bulmer, Marcus Vergette e Coach York. L'ingresso è gratuito.

On May 12th in The Yellow Room at Hannahs at Seale Hayne, Devon - scene of last year's Ellington weekend - Mike  Westbrook will lead the 20-piece Big Band in a revival of the internationally acclaimed classic, Big Band Rossini, - the first jazz work ever to be featured in the BBC Proms. With Kate Westbrook re-creating some of her most memorable roles, a galaxy of soloists, and Rossini's theatrical mix of drama, comedy and glorious tunes, this will be a concert to savour.


Hannahs at Seale-Hayne
Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6NQ
01626 325800

10 maggio 2013

Va in onda questa sera alle 22.30 l'ultima delle cinque puntate dedicate questa settimana a Ian Carr e Nucleus, curate da Riccardo Bertoncelli per Birdland. L'intera serie si recupera in podcast al sito della Rete Due della svizzera RSI: http://retedue.rsi.ch/birdland
Un raro filmato dell'agosto 1972 - quando con Carr c'erano Alan Jackson, Roy Babbington, Dave McRae e Brian Smith - è conservato negli archivi del festival belga Jazz Middleheim.

"Formati nel 1969 dal trombettista Ian Carr, i Nucleus furono fra i primissimi gruppi della scena inglese ad abbracciare il nuovo credo del jazz-rock lanciato da Miles Davis. Sin dal loro primo disco Elastic rock (Vertigo 1970) la band - con una line-up che oltre al leader comprendeva Karl Jenkins (oboe, piano), Brian Smith (sax, flauto), Chris Spedding (chitarra, bouzouki), Jeff Clyne (basso) e John Marshall (batteria) - si segnalò per la perizia tecnica e per una vena musicale che li assimilava appunto al mondo sonoro del nuovo Miles Davis più che al sound dell’emergente scena di Canterbury, alla quale erano comunque legati. I Nucleus di Ian Carr - che diventò poi anche apprezzato saggista (sua una nota biografia di Davis) - restano una delle più belle espressioni della musica inglese a cavallo tra i ’60 e i ’70."


09 maggio 2013

L'emittente californiana KFJC dedica oggi un lungo programma - 'Ascension Day' - a uno dei lavori più celebri e controversi di John Coltrane, Ascension, invitando all'ascolto non soltanto della versione originale del 1965, ma di almeno cinque moderne reinterpretazioni. Attenzione particolare è rivolta all'incessante processo di lettura 'aperta' condotto negli ultimi anni dal Rova Saxophone Quartet, Electric Ascension, con formazioni ed esiti differenti ad ogni esecuzione: la più recente, quella dello scorso anno al festival di Guelph, in Canada, è anche oggetto del documentario Cleaning the Mirror, e il regista John Rogers è tra gli ospiti del programma.

John Coltrane's landmark 1965 release, Ascension, was a controversial recording, and at the same time the culmination of Coltrane's search for spirituality expressed in the exploratory free jazz vocabulary of the turbulent 1960s. The work was hailed as genius by many, and unlistenable by others. In this extraordinary radio event we'll hear Coltrane’s original version, and at least five modern interpretations of the piece (in whole or in parts), illustrating the possibilities of this historic composition.
Rova Saxophone Quartet's ongoing Electric Ascension Project will be a key component of the broadcast, and will feature interviews with musicians Larry Ochs, Chris Brown, Ikue Mori, and unreleased recordings of Rova’s Electric Ascension—including the most recent in Guelph, Canada. Also on the bill is a revealing interview with film-maker John Rogers, who has just completed the documentary Cleaning the Mirror about Electric Ascension as well as the concert video of the 2012 Guelph performance, and has seen/heard more of the eleven Electric Ascension performances than anyone else outside of the band members themselves.


08 maggio 2013

Il concerto di Snakes and Ladders - Sophia Domancich con Eric Daniel, John Greaves e Himiko Paganotti - conclude questa sera per la svizzera Rete Due la rassegna dal titolo Tra jazz e nuove musiche. Lo si può seguire in diretta dallo Studio 2 della RSI di Lugano a partire dalle ore 20.30.


07 maggio 2013

Esce ufficialmente il quinto volume, per ora conclusivo, della serie Mythes et légendes voluta dai Magma per documentare in video oltre quattro decenni di musica attraverso esecuzioni attuali dei loro brani più classici. Alle immagini dei precedenti dvd, girate nel 2005 al club Le Triton di Les Lilas (Francia), si aggiungono qui le riprese effettuate nel corso di una lunga residenza dell'estate 2011, sempre presso Le Triton: otto concerti mozzafiato, dal 22 giugno al 2 luglio, con in scaletta ogni sera Attahk (nota un tempo come Rétrovision), Rïah Sahïltaahk, Dondaï, Félicité Thösz e Slag Tanz, con il bis Maahnt.
Un assaggio è in http://www.youtube.com/user/MagmaOfficialTV


05 maggio 2013

Sarà Yoko Ono a guidare l'edizione di quest'anno del festival Meltdown a Londra, in programma dal 14 al 23 giugno: informazioni e calendario completo si leggono in http://meltdown.southbankcentre.co.uk
Okkyung Lee sarà invece alla direzione del festival Unlimited a Wels (Austria) il prossimo novembre, dall'8 al 10. Calendario e programma dovrebbero esser presto disponibili in http://www.musicunlimited.at


04 maggio 2013

In due podcast pubblicati in questi giorni dalla rivista online Mouth, Joe Boyd parla della realizzazione di Way To Blue (Navigator, 2013), cd dal vivo tratto dall'omonima serie di concerti prodotti negli scorsi quattro anni in omaggio a Nick Drake. Tra gli interpreti ci sono Teddy Thompson, Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside, Robyn Hitchcock, Lisa Hannigan, Scott Matthews, Krystle Warren e Danny Thompson, con la direzione musicale di Kate St John e gli arrangiamenti orchestrali di Robert Kirby.

Over the years since Nick Drake’s death, his original producer Joe Boyd has explored the possibility of producing an album in tribute to his songwriting. But despite many well-known artists wishing to participate, he always resisted, because it seemed the only practical way to accomplish it would be for each artist to supply a track recorded separately, with their own chosen musicians. Boyd felt that the only way to avoid the pitfalls of the typical 'Tribute Album' would be to have everyone together for a week in a rural studio, backing each other with harmonies and guitar parts, creating an organic whole of an album. By performing Way To Blue fifteen times over the course of four years, he has accomplished something resembling his original dream. The songs have been honed and shaped over the course of time, and the spirit of togetherness among the Way To Blue company has proved inspiring to all participants. The recordings on this new CD are the edited highlights of concerts in London and Melbourne; the interpretations provide evidence, if such evidence was ever needed, of the timeless depth of Nick Drake’s qualities as a songwriter. The result is an album with the quality of a studio production and the spontaneity of a live performance.


03 maggio 2013

Pronta in duemila esemplari la ristampa in vinile di sei album del primissimo John Fahey: The Transcendental Waterfall: Guitar Excursions 1963-1967, a cura di 4 Men with Beards.

The Transcendental Waterfall: Guitar Excursions 1963-1967 is a 6-LP box set drawing from John Fahey's best and most influential material. Included in the set are Blind Joe Death, Death Chants, Breakdowns And Military Waltzes, The Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites, The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party, The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death and Days Have Gone By, all reissued on 180 gram vinyl with deluxe tip-on jackets. Also included here is a t-shirt, poster and a postcard, all of which are housed in a deluxe box with a stunning graphic design. An amazing package featuring some of the most important guitar solo recordings of the 20th century!


02 maggio 2013

Alla messe di materiali ufficiali di Anthony Braxton presenti al sito web della Tri-Centric Foundation, disponibili secondo varie formule di abbonamento e di acquisto, si aggiungono in questi giorni ben tredici bootleg scaricabili gratuitamente in mp3: http://tricentricfoundation.org/label/bootlegs

The Tri-Centric Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports the ongoing work and legacy of Anthony Braxton, while also cultivating and inspiring the next generation of creative artists to pursue their own visions with the kind of idealism and integrity Braxton has demonstrated throughout his long and distinguished career. Specifically, the Tri-Centric Foundation encourages broad dissemination of Braxton’s music through creation of, and support for, performances, productions, recordings and other new media technologies. It also documents, archives, preserves and disseminates Braxton’s scores, writings, performances and recordings and advocates for a broader audience, appreciation, funding and support base for Braxton’s work. The TCF website also houses New Braxton House Records, releasing monthly download-only albums in addition to the 4-CD box set for Trillium E, the first-ever studio recording of a Braxton opera; albums released by the old Braxton House imprint (1996-1999) and a curated collection of free bootlegs are also available in downloadable format for the first time.


01 maggio 2013

Cuneiform Records annuncia la pubblicazione tra pochi giorni di un album dedicato allo storico trio S.O.S., attivo sulla scena del jazz britannico a metà anni settanta e formato dai sassofonisti (ma non solo) John Surman, Mike OsborneAlan SkidmoreLooking For The Next One, con documenti d'epoca e rarità di pregio, tra cui inediti di studio - ad alcuni dei quali contribuisce il batterista Tony Levin - e traccia integrale della partecipazione al festival jazz di Balve, in Germania, nel luglio 1974. In anteprima allo spazio Bandcamp dell'etichetta: http://cuneiformrecords.bandcamp.com/album/looking-for-the-next-one

S.O.S. were one of the great but under-documented ensembles in 70s British jazz, consisting of three genuine superstars of the 'Brit-jazz scene': Mike Osborne, Alan Skidmore and John Surman. The group formed in April 1973, and lasted until the end of 1976. Although all three men were saxophonists and the band is commonly thought of and described as a 'saxophone trio', they were always a sax trio with two multi-instrumentalists. The mid 70s found John Surman in the midst of his great fascination with synthesizers, sequencers and electric keyboards, a sound which he still sometimes explores on his ECM releases to this day, while Alan Skidmore was a very able drummer; anyone expecting three saxes at once at all times will be very surprised when they hear the heavy, sequenced, synthesizer parts mixed with driving drums and blowing sax lines!
The group toured widely and had a large body of work to draw from, but only released one, self-titled album on the Ogun label during their lifetime. Looking For The Next One, a compilation of rare and unissued studio sessions and live recordings, will not only rekindle discussions about S.O.S.’s innovative music among connoisseurs, but introduce their exciting, virtuosic music to a new generation of listeners.