28 maggio 2013

Due nuovi testi di sicuro rilievo nella bibliografia zappiana: Confessions of a Zappa Fanatic, di Tom Brown (HTB Publishing) e l'attesa autobiografia di Howard Kaylan Shell Shocked (Backbeat Books). A proposito di quest'ultimo si legge in una presentazione: "Kaylan’s admiration for Zappa, more than 40 years after they first worked together and nearly 20 years after the composer’s death, is almost palpable. Moreover, Kaylan is capable of doing something few other Zappa alums have done, portray his former boss in the most human of lights. There was a time, Kaylan explains, when Zappa’s Mothers were a real band and not just a leader with some hired guns. Frank was funny, one of the boys, and even capable of being a little goofy. Some of the road stories might be familiar already if one has read The Real Frank Zappa Book or watched the film 200 Motels, but Kaylan manages to clarify a few critical details and shed some new light on an era that remains, for many, an essential era of Zappa’s work. The gig, of course, couldn’t last - the group’s late 1971 tour was marred by disaster, including the fire at the Casino de Montreux and the moment when a deranged audience member knocked Zappa off a London stage, nearly killing the moustached maestro, and instantly ending the Flo and Eddie era."