23 maggio 2013

Due singoli cd frutto del medesimo processo creativo: Phil Minton e Audrey Chen in duo (By the Stream) e poi con Guy Segers, Peter Jacquemyn e Teun Verbruggen (Quintet). A prezzo speciale, se acquistati insieme, su etichetta Sub Rosa.

These recordings in two movements can be taken as, on the one hand, pieces for two voices and improvisation chamber orchestra (which is what the musicians felt throughout the recording session) and, on the other hand, pure free improvisation.
By the Stream: Both voices in interaction, perpetually urging the other on, producing more than their simple addition, producing a third voice - like a semi-autonomous organism - very difficult to explain how - why - as if what had been mostly deeply burrowed was surfacing. an ur-song, like Schwitters' ur-sonate / their breath. the importance of scat, the rhythm from beyond language.
Quintet: Things get dislocated, gather themselves, spread across areas of varying intensities. More intimate or more complex song. closer to the sacred, left untouched by mediation, even slightly incomprehensible, though mostly ambivalent and reality-piercing. At times, the music seems to lead us to a meaning that is deeper than the textual level. or is it the depth of another possible song? That's when the music takes us to areas that seem perpetually urging, more than their simple addition of voices and instruments.