19 maggio 2013

Genesi ed evoluzione del brano Golden Rain - dall'album Spin di Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin, uscito nel 1991 - sono illustrate nel nuovo scritto di Stewart per l'eccellente serie Inside the Music.

Dave has written a new online music article. The latest addition to the Inside The Music series is a deconstruction of the gamelan-inspired song 'Golden Rain' from the album Spin, with audio clips, notation, photos, lyrics and explanatory text by the composer taking you through the various sections of the song. The songs covered in Inside The Music so far have been 'Jupiter Rising', 'Walnut Tree Walk', 'Let Me Sleep Tonight', 'As Far As Dreams Can Go' and 'Star Blind'. If there's another Stewart / Gaskin track you'd like to see featured, please feel free to email your suggestions to stewart.gaskin@gmail.com, or send a message on Facebook.