01 giugno 2013

Chi già fa piani per il ferragosto vorrà forse considerare che a Londra al Vortex Jazz club per tre sere consecutive dal 15 al 17 agosto sarà di scena Keith Tippett, con un programma vario e diverso ogni sera, tra cui la prima mondiale del lavoro commissionatogli da Richard Wiltshire: The Nine Dances of Patrick O'Gonogon. Abbonamenti alle tre sere sono disponibili, per ora a prezzo ridotto, tramite WeGotTickets.

Day 1, August 15th
Keith Tippett + the Elysian Quartet.
The magnificent Elysian Quartet are drawn towards new projects, collaborations and playing that challenge notions of what a string quartet can do - what sounds and noises it can make and how performances can be presented. Tonight they perform as a quartet and as a piano quintet with Tippett, performing both their own pieces and pieces commissioned by the Kreutzer Quartet.

Day 2, August 16th
A world premiere: The Nine Dances of Patrick O'Gonogon, commissioned by Richard Wiltshire.
Performing with this magnificent Octet, Keith Tippett presents brand new contemporary jazz pieces in three movements, inspired by his Irish heritage.
Trumpet & flugelhorn - Fulvio Sigurtà
Alto sax and soprano sax - Sam Mayne
Alto sax - James Gardner-Bateman
Trombone - Kieran McCleod
Trombone - Robby Harvey
Bass - Tom McCready
Drums and percussion - Peter Fairclough
Piano, composer - Keith Tippett

Day 3, August 17th
Keith and Julie Tippett, members of the Elysian Quartet.
A premiere. An evening of spontaneous composition (improvised).
This special collaborative performance brings together some of the most open musical thinkers of our time, challenging ideas of form and performance. With their combined pedigree, it’s no wonder Keith and Julie Tippett are revered as the royal couple of British out-sounds. They’ve been making music together for four decades and, unsurprisingly, there’s an astonishing level of telepathic interplay involved. Bring into the equation three members of ‘feisty boundary-pushers’ (the London Metro) the Elysian Quartet and this can only be an intriguing, irresistible journey. The architecture being complete when the last notes have decayed.