24 giugno 2013

Point of Departure recensisce Just Not Cricket! e riprende integralmente dal volumetto incluso nel box le conversazioni di Stewart Lee tenute durante i giorni del festival - a Berlino, dal 6 all'8 ottobre 2011 - con molti dei musicisti protagonisti: Conversation Pieces. In attesa del video ufficiale, realizzato da Antoine Prum, previsto entro l'anno.

Stewart Lee interviewed the 16 musicians who participated in Just Not Cricket!, a three-day festival of British improvised music held in Berlin in October 2011. A four-LP box of selected performances from the festival is now available on Ni Vu Ni Connu. The performances and interviews were filmed by Antoine Prum, who directed Sunny’s Time Now, a 2008 documentary on Sunny Murray. Prum’s film of Just Not Cricket! is scheduled to be released in late 2013.