26 giugno 2013

Tutta dedicata al lavoro di Westbrook su Rossini l'apertura del nuovo numero del periodico Smith's Academy Informer, con particolare riferimento al periodico riapparire delle sue personali riletture delle arie d'opera rossiniane nel repertorio di ensemble alquanto diversi, dalla banda musicale di strada alla grande orchestra. Scrive Mike Westbrook: "When in 1984 I chopped the William Tell Overture up into five bits and arranged them for a small marching band, as a street entertainment in Lausanne I had no idea we’d still be playing those tunes in 2013. That occasion was a festival in honour of William Tell, and we were escorted through the town by a trombone-playing Rossini, portrayed by comedian Bernard Maitre. It’s a good sign when, at the first rehearsal the musicians can’t play for laughing. Thirty years on, the humour of Rossini’s music is as irresistible as ever, as is the lyricism, the drama and passion."