23 luglio 2013

Atmosfera rovente al Cafe Oto londinese qualche sera fa, quando Paul Dunmall e Tony Bianco hanno raccontato ancora una volta del loro amore per John Coltrane. Un souvenir del concerto si ottiene tramite Inconstant Sol: "Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco have recently released two cds of duets dedicated to their love and respect of the music of John Coltrane: Thank you to John Coltrane and Tribute to Coltrane (Slam).  Last week they took it to London's Cafe Oto in the midst of a heatwave. Tony Bianco was sweat-soaked from simply setting up his kit.  This man's strength and energy is superhuman.  Paul Dunmall, loving Trane's music so much, raised the temperature even higher with his inspired and impassioned saxophonics. Hot stuff indeed!"