10 luglio 2013

Bob Ostertag presenta il nuovo lavoro A Book of Hours - realizzato con il contributo creativo di Theo Bleckmann, Shelley Hirsch, Phil Minton e Roscoe Mitchell - suggerendo un confronto a distanza con Gesang der Jünglinge di Karlheinz Stockhausen. Le sue note in proposito sono in un testo disponibile in http://bobostertag.com/pdf/A_Book_of_Hours.pdf.
L'album stavolta è quasi gratuito, e lo si ottiene tramite CD Baby, assistiti in tutte le fasi del downloading da schiere di amorevoli gnomi digitali: "Greetings from CD Baby's Digital Gnomes! As chance would have it, the download you purchased is one of our clan's very favorite selections. In fact, all the Digital Gnome parents and Gnome children, and even some of the older 'Analog' Gnomes, came out to watch, as your download was prepared. Bit rates were carefully calibrated, wavelengths measured, and electrons polished with the hems of our tiny Gnome smocks. (Poor Pixil Gnome was so excited he had to reboot). Once prepared, your digital download was launched into the interweb at speeds well beyond imagining--shooting through cables, tumbling through tubes, bouncing off satellites, and landing safely on the banks of your personal computer. (Should you have any trouble claiming your download, please consult our FAQ section). Rest assured, your good sense and taste is not lost on the CD Baby Digital Gnomes! You will be an inspiration to our clan from now until infinity! Sincerely, Sir Zero BitSnap, CD Baby's Digital Gnome Emissary."