26 luglio 2013

Giunge al quinto episodio la serie Canterbury sans frontières curata da Matthew Watkins: tra i materiali scelti per il plenilunio di luglio c'è il commento sonoro di Robert Wyatt a The Animals Film e una Facelift dal vivo a Catania all'Etnafest 2007 del Delta Saxophone Quartet assieme a Hugh Hopper.

Featuring an hour mix from participants on the psychedelic music panel at Breaking Convention 2013, the second UK interdisciplinary research conference on psychedelic consciousness including Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Miquette Giraudy (Gong, Steve Hillage Band, System 7) and Twink (Tomorrow, Pink Fairies, Pretty Things). Also Hugh Hopper with the Delta Saxophone Quartet in Italy, a difficult-listening Robert Wyatt film soundtrack, Matching Mole live, Kevin Ayers going all glam-prog, Geoffrey Richardson at either end of a forty-year period, and rather more progressive rock than usual...