02 luglio 2013

Peter Brötzmann è al centro dell'edizione di quest'anno del Ljubljana Jazz Festival, con numerosi concerti dal vivo, una mostra personale di dipinti e opere grafiche ('Works 1959-2013') e una galleria di suoi ritratti curata da Žiga Koritnik. Da oggi al 6 luglio: http://www.ljubljanajazz.si

Peter Brötzmann, along with Evan Parker, is unquestionably the most important representative of European jazz since the mid 60's when this music went its own way, diverging from the American model as part of the Fluxus movement. Even if taking inspiration from the freedom of voices of Ornette Coleman and, especially, Albert Ayler, Brötzmann conquered his space as a true original, opening a big window for others to follow in the old continent, whether they play more abstract or concrete. More than an inspiration musically, Brötzmann became an example of an artist who used this music to find his own voice, which proved crucial for generations to come. That his contribution to this music was seminal on both sides of the Atlantic is proven by the creative collaborations he has fostered over the years with American improvisers the likes of Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake, Jason Adasiewicz, Eric Revis, Nasheet Waits, Bill Laswell, William Parker, Joe McPhee and even Cecil Taylor and Steve Lacy, but also with innumerable others from all parts of the globe. Peter’s huge discography is a showcase of will, guts and love for experimentation in a wide span of combinations from solo to big band, with all sorts of players and approaches without ever losing his own voice and vision.