11 luglio 2013

Prende il via stasera a Merano (BZ) un nuovo giro europeo di concerti del quintetto di Steve Swallow, con successive date italiane a Milano, Bari e Genova. Con il bassista ci sono Carla Bley, Chris Cheek, Steve Cardenas e Jorge Rossy. In scaletta i materiali dell'album Into the Woodwork. Circa l'apporto di Carla Bley alla realizzazione dell'album e del repertorio, dice Swallow: "Carla and I spent a long time playing this music with just the two of us. She brings a composer-arranger’s sensibility to things – she painstakingly revised her organ parts during this initial process. It thrilled me how intently she took to the music. But there’s a paradoxical element to her playing. She takes her preparation so seriously, yet when it comes to performance, she improvises wild and woolly, fully in the moment. In that, she has a partner in crime with Jorge. He’s another wild card on the bandstand. You never know what those two are going to do. Chris and Cardenas and I are spontaneous, but we operate within parameters that we like to leave more or less in place. I think these two different musical sensibilities give the band a balance.
There’s another way Carla contributed. I think of myself as essentially a miniaturist, a songwriter. But I enjoy the virtues of long-form writing by others, and Carla’s flair for that was an influence on the ebb and flow of the music. The album is made up of 12 discrete songs, but many of them are linked so that they flow together and cross-reference each other, almost as medleys. That sort of thing keeps you into a record more, where you can just put your head down and not raise it for 15 minutes at a stretch – I like that as a listener and wanted to imbue the album with an element of that".