06 luglio 2013

Prosegue per opera della newyorkese Captured Tracks la ripubblicazione in cd dei lavori di inizio carriera del brillante gruppo pop britannico The Cleaners from Venus, autoprodotti nei primi anni ottanta in puro stile DIY e circolati principalmente su audiocassette rubate o riciclate. Un primo volume lo scorso anno comprendeva Blow Away Your Troubles, On Any Normal Monday e Midnight Cleaners; oggi il secondo volume ripropone In The Golden Autumn, Songs For A Fallow Land, Under Wartime Conditions e un cd di inediti e rarità, A Dawn Chorus. Ideatori del gruppo, inizialmente un semplice duo, furono Lol Elliott e Martin Newell, quest'ultimo destinato negli anni novanta a una discreta fortuna letteraria e a gustose produzioni soliste, assistito in talune occasioni da Andy Partridge e Louis Philippe. Un profilo di Newell, con intervista recente, è in This is Pop.

Basically, he's a pop poet and rock musician. The genius behind the wonderful 'Cleaners From Venus' and the man responsible for creating some of the best British pop songs you've probably never heard. But it's a little more complicated than that. He'll tell you that he doesn't have a career though - just a series of jobs and engagements which take together have added up to some sort of a living this past few decades. He plays various guitars, bass, keyboards, mandolin and he can sing. He makes rather English-sounding pop records, he writes poems and articles in national newspapers. He does spoken word performances and less-frequently, live music gigs. He occasionally presents TV programmes. He has been on national radio quite a bit over the years. He has a number of books and records out. He doesn't have management, an agent or anyone 'looking after' him. Mostly, he works. Mostly, it's writing, and most of you, should probably know about him.