12 luglio 2013

Un'interessante intervista al sassofonista Chris Biscoe, con un breve ragguaglio delle sue molteplici attività presenti e future, è disponibile in due podcast al sito LondonJazz: "Chris Biscoe came in to speak to us about a number of his current, exciting projects (including an interesting chat about Eric Dolphy, an inspiration behind the Profiles Quartet). We also spoke about the Way out West (Biscoe is a founder member) weekly gig at the Orange Tree in Richmond, the Westbrook Trio with whom Chris has been playing since its inception thirty years ago, a possible new venture playing music from George Russell's The Outer View album, and gigs planned for the autumn with Roger Turner, John Pope and Corey Mwamba. In the second part of our interview, he talked about his album with the Ben Davis Group, Double Dares are Sometimes Different."