13 agosto 2013

Grazie a un semplice stratagemma narrativo torna attuale la lunga e intricata vicenda discografica, e non solo, dei Residents: basterà prendere i diari di Nonno Gio - ex professore di liceo ora ottantenne, un vero intenditore - e trascriverli in ordine cronologico al blog Grampa Gio and The Residents, e per ogni mese da qui al dicembre 2016 parrà di rivivere in tempo reale un intero anno di storia del gruppo! L'idea è dell'entusiasta nipote: "My grandfather Gio was a high school English teacher for most of his life, and kept journals throughout, mostly as an exercise to keep up his craft, his topic of choice being music. He’s kept all of those journals, and on his 80th birthday he revealed to me he has written about The Residents (my favorite band) ever since they started. He showed me one of his notebooks, and what struck me most was that he was asking the most important question about them: what does it all mean? I came to realize that The Residents is a far-reaching art project, spanning decades, and the best way to understand their story is to experience it in the order they themselves told it. So this blog is going to post every piece Grampa Gio wrote about The Residents, in the original order. I’ll be sifting through his journals, finding the relevant entries, typing them up, and giving them titles I think are clever. They will be published on a schedule that is congruent to the historical timeline, with one month on the blog roughly equal to one year in history. The reader can experience what is was like to live through the release schedule, though at an accelerated pace. The blog’s first entry (about December 1972) is published in late July of 2013. The blog reaches 1980 in February 2014, 1990 in November 2014, and so on. It meets the present in December 2016".