24 agosto 2013

Dopo essere apparso in tedesco nel libro Aspekte der Freien Improvisation in der Musik - curato da Dieter A. Nanz nel 2011 per Wolke Verlag - il saggio di John Butcher Freedom and Sound - This Time It’s Personal è ora disponibile anche in francese, sul web e su carta, per opera di Le son du grisli. Il testo originale in inglese è nel numero 35 di Point of Departure.

"At its core, improvisation, as I practice it, means applying musical methods and thinking that have their origins in actual performance. Some ideas may only be hinted at in a concert yet they plant a mental seed that is then developed back at home, in the routine of private experimentation. The results can be fed back later, forming an ever-evolving loop of experience-experiment-consolidation-experience. I’ve found that many practical ideas have first appeared comparatively spontaneously, through trying to forget that I’m playing a saxophone and instead thinking “what sound and contribution do I want to make at this point in the music.” All of this leads to the store of ideas and memories one draws upon, and anything that might prove workable in the longer term has usually accrued in small increments. Slowly, the pieces come together. Big ideas are of little value in improvisation."