16 agosto 2013

E sempre al Vortex londinese si tiene dal 18 al 20 agosto la festa annuale del collettivo Mopomoso guidato da John Russell e Chris Burn: Fete Quaqua, con una dozzina di musicisti - tra gli altri Lawrence Casserley, Luc Houtkamp, Audrey Lauro, Adam Linson e Ute Wassermann - variamente impegnati nel corso delle tre serate. Scrive il chitarrista: "Each night starts and finishes with a short piece played by all the musicians and the evenings are subdivided into smaller groups playing in between. Each night has a different programme within a narrative structure designed to give full rein to the musicians, all of whom will play in at least two of these smaller groups. A special experience for everyone, whether new comers to free improvisation or committed followers of the music."

John Russell’s annual Fete Quaqua brings together twelve musicians over three days with the stated aim ‘to extend existing collaborations / relationships in juxtaposition with new ones and thus provide a fertile ground for free improvisation’. There are many connections running through the fine group of musicians taking part in this year’s event but they have never before appeared together on the same stage. Russell says, “I look for musicians who have an individual approach to playing and a generosity of spirit. It’s never about showing off tricks but a willingness to uncover what the music has to say on the night”. A celebration of creativity and sonic delights!