30 agosto 2013

Gli esordi discografici del flautista/sassofonista di Montréal Jean Derome sono documentati in due album incisi alla fine degli anni settanta con il gruppo Nébu, il primo dei quali con l'apporto tra gli altri di René Lussier: li recupera dai vinili originali Inconstant Sol.

Jean Derome formed Nébu in 1973 with the pianist Pierre St-Jacques and completed by the bassist Claude Simard; the trio played classically-informed contemporary jazz and toured extensively in Quebec, performed at the Festival de musique ouverte de Châteauvallon in France in 1977, and appeared at the inaugural FIJM in 1980 before disbanding in 1981. Its second LP drew notice for Derome's 1000 hand-drawn jackets, in retrospect an early sign of the industriousness, the resolve to be original, and the disdain for commercial convention that have characterized his career.