05 agosto 2013

Mike Keneally dona ai propri affezionati due collezioni di brani inediti registrati dal vivo in varie occasioni e con diverse formazioni, confidando che ne venga favorita la diffusione libera e integrale attraverso blog, siti peer-to-peer e social network: "Free EP Volume 1 is a sampling of live performances I’ve done with different groups over the years: two of the songs are from a DVD that comes with the special edition of my 2004 album Dog (one recorded in a living room, the other onstage), and the other three are from European live radio recordings. If you’re new to my music, I hope this selection encourages you to further check out the stuff I do – in fact, another free EP awaits you: Free EP Volume 2 is drawn from live recordings of two wildly different versions of my old band Beer For Dolphins (tracks 1, 2, 4 and 5), plus one solo song from a live broadcast recorded for Dutch radio (track 3)."