21 agosto 2013

Monta l'attesa per la pubblicazione ad ottobre di uno tra i più importanti documenti non ufficiali della storia di Robert Wyatt - le sessioni solitarie americane del settembre-novembre 1968, qui radunate per intero con il titolo '68 - e qualcosa comincia a trapelare dagli spazi Soundcloud e Bandcamp della Cuneiform Records, assieme agli entusiasmi dei 'soliti' Leroy, Koomran e Smith: "In September, 1968, the Soft Machine had just finished their second, exhaustive tour of the USA supporting the Jimi Hendrix Experience. At the conclusion of the tour, vocalist/drummer/multi-instrumentalist Robert stayed, working on recordings in Hollywood and New York City. Upon Robert's return to England to re-start the Soft Machine in December, 1968, these documents lay forgotten. Two of them were eventually found and issued, but half of these recordings were unreleased and thought lost forever... Now, for the first time, all four of the recordings Robert made in '68 are collected together and released, all carefully worked on and presented in the best possible sound quality – and the recorded sound here is surprisingly excellent overall! This release is fully authorized by Robert and the liners include an in-depth interview with Robert about his recollections of this period, with insights into his songwriting process, recording procedures and previously untold anecdotes of this period of his work and life."