15 agosto 2013

Prende il via oggi al Vortex londinese l'annunciato programma dedicato a Keith Tippett, tre speciali serate di jazz, poesia, danza, improvvisazione, composizioni per vari ensemble e la prima esecuzione di un lavoro di recente commissione, The Nine Dances of Patrick O'Gonogon: "Keith Tippett is one of the most important European jazz musicians / improvisers / composers / arrangers of the last 40 years and we’re delighted to present three very special and very different evenings showcasing his new work. This residency covers an unusual body of work from one artist. Tippett has been involved with three distinct areas of music for four decades, working with contemporary musicians, avant-garde jazz musicians and improvising musicians. These three nights are an example of his breadth of vision and artistic vitality."