19 agosto 2013

Salvati un paio di anni fa dal destino di cloni EL&P dall'incontro con l'amico Tatsuya Yoshida, i nipponici Zletovsko approdano al debutto discografico con un album al fulmicotone - con titolo omonimo, su etichetta Zelot - buono anche come catalogo prêt-à-porter di influenze avant-prog reclamate con orgoglio: "All of members are virtuoso on each instruments area. Their live performance is high-energy and massive like a Mahavishnu Orchestra. Zletovsko’s music style are influenced by classic progressive rock group, such as "This Heat", "U.K.", "Frank Zappa", "Camel", "Gentle Giant", and "Magma". It also has an element of Zeuhl, sophisticated improvisations, and spirits of Rock. There are a lot of irregular time structures and Moog sounds, but also their music composed by Horikoshi and Kuwahara are catchy and unique. In addition, Kuwahara and Yoshida were rhythm section of Kouenjihyakkei's 1st album that was described as a masterpiece. They reunite first time in twenty years. Their sounds are thrilling Fushimi's guitar and Horikoshi's keyboard battle on super-heavy rhythm section. Long awaited, Zletovsko's first album is based on live recordings, with a lot of over dubbing and editing added, like Frank Zappa's recording style. As a result, there is a lot of groove, high-energy music but also sophisticated arrange. Progressive rock nuts would really like it!"