28 settembre 2013

Lo scorso aprile a Milano, allo Spazio Sunomi, Elliott Sharp ha presentato per la prima volta in modo integrale il nuovo capitolo della serie Tectonics riservata ai suoi lavori elettroacustici per chitarra ed elettronica, Haptikon, documentato da un cd a tiratura limitata prodotto dall'etichetta Long Song Records.
Così annotava Sharp a margine del concerto: "To perform Haptikon, I prepared stereo backup tracks consisting of drums, basses, and electronics from my original ProTools files. These were played back from Ableton in a suite from my laptop while I performed the top layer on guitar. The backup track went through the small but powerful house sound system. Thanks to the room acoustics, the tracks sounded full and rich and as to my guitar, I could barely move the volume on the Fender Deluxe amp past “one” otherwise my punchy sound would go over the top into the realm of pain. This was my first performance non-stop through the entire Haptikon set and it was an exciting challenge to improvise over the sometimes unpredictable architecture that I’d built. The audience attention was concentrated and this always adds to the focus". Una ripresa video è su YouTube.