18 settembre 2013

Esce in tiratura limitata per l'etichetta di Mark Wastell Confront Recordings la ripresa integrale di una sessione acustica in duo di Derek Bailey e Simon H. Fell tenuta a Londra nel 2001, in un assolato pomeriggio d'agosto: The Complete 15th August 2001. Informazioni: markwastell@btinternet.com

"This is the full recording - freshly remastered - of the 2001 duo gig, an excerpt from which appeared in 2002 on a long-deleted Sound 323 mini-CD which was voted a record of the year by The Wire magazine. Here at last is the full performance in all its exhilarating acoustic power; an unplugged (but very intense) set from a hot and summery Wednesday afternoon, recorded in the basement of Sound 323 in London by Tim Fletcher.