30 settembre 2013

Nel numero di settembre 2013 del periodico Smith's Academy Informer Kate Westbrook ricorda affettuosamente i primi incontri con Lindsay Cooper, amica e compagna di numerose avventure fin dagli anni settanta: "The first time Mike and I met Lindsay was in Bordeaux at the Sigma Festival. We were playing there and so was she. At the last minute Lindsay was roped in as page turner for the pianist accompanying the singer Cathy Berberian. The concert was one of Victorian parlour ballads. Lindsay was dressed for the occasion in a long sprigged muslin dress with blue sash and her hair huge and curly, tied up with bows and flowers. She played the demure Miss to Berberian’s grande dame. Our second meeting, by contrast was at the Roundhouse in London when the Mike Westbrook Brass Band and the band Henry Cow played at a Morning Star rally. The things that struck me then were her musical inventiveness and the sight of her pulling a small wooden cart laden with her instruments: bassoon with pedals and attendant gear, oboe, sopranino saxophone, fife. She gave me her fife at the time she told us that she had multiple sclerosis. In fact I can’t play it properly, such a tricky instrument, but I treasure it and the extraordinary Lindsay..."
Il testo prosegue richiamando le successive vicende - The Orckestra, The Cortège, Westbrook-Rossini, Music for Other Occasions, Cuff Clout - e proprio da The Cortège proviene il breve estratto video suggerito: Democratie (1982).