22 settembre 2013

L'impareggiabile Dave Stewart invita ancora una volta all'ascolto e all'analisi approfondita delle sue composizioni (relativamente) più recenti, illustrando partiture, arrangiamenti e scelte tematiche, e non di rado confidando anche qualche astuzia tecnica. Questo mese è il turno di Your Lucky Star, brano pubblicato sull'album Spin (1981) dalla premiata coppia Stewart-Gaskin e ispirato al produttore Joe Meek, artefice di una vera e propria icona musicale sci-fi dei primi anni sessanta, Telstar.
Scrive Stewart: "Producer Joe Meek is best known for the instrumental Telstar, a worldwide smash hit in 1962. I was eleven at the time, and the record quickly became one of my all-time favourites - indeed, it lifted my spirits during a period when I was struggling with the transition from primary to secondary school. Telstar's rousing tune is only half the story: Meek's turbocharged production is doused in wild sci-fi noises, the lead line seems to be played on some kind of mad space organ and the guitar breaks provide a bittersweet, lyrical contrast to the triumphantly major verse melody. Like all truly great pop singles, it's an inspired blend of good music and brilliant sound. In later life, fond memories of this wonderful track, coupled with the realisation of the tragic facts of Meek's life, inspired me to write the tribute song Your Lucky Star".