03 settembre 2013

Per la prima volta un album di Carla Bley viene pubblicato - e non soltanto distribuito - dalla ECM, con la produzione di Manfred Eicher: Trios, una selezione di classici registrati a Lugano lo scorso anno ad aprile, con Steve Swallow e Andy Sheppard.
Scrive S. Victor Aaron su Something Else! Reviews: "Carla Bley returns to her long running drum-less threesome featuring electric bassist Steve Swallow and tenor saxman Andy Sheppard with an album by this ensemble. Trios is the name, though there’s only this one trio performing the songs, all five numbers which Bley had written and recorded on prior albums. This small combo was last represented on record with 1995′s live album Songs With Legs. For the first time on a Carla Bley-led record, she’s recording under direction of a producer other than herself for this album, and that person is ECM head Manfred Eicher. Along with that, she is recording for the ECM label proper for the first time (her records from the WATT imprint are only distributed by ECM). Since this trio has been an ongoing entity for some twenty years, it’s doubtful that there was much left for Eicher to add in terms of arrangements, but he did choose which Bley songs to record and the running order of those songs, which did much to shape the character of Trios."