14 ottobre 2013

Dagli archivi della Hebbardesque Records, l'etichetta creata nel 1980 dai Rascal Reporters Steve Gore e Steve Kretzmer, giungono due interessanti raccolte di materiali inediti, in versione alternativa e rarità: un secondo volume di Bonus Tracks - dopo quello che ne ha inaugurato la serie il giugno scorso - e la documentazione di un rarissimo concerto dal vivo tenuto nel 1976, quando il gruppo era un trio e nel circuito studentesco di Michigan e Detroit si faceva conoscere - si fa per dire - con l'appellativo machinista Pigling Bland. Tutto presso Bandcamp.

Hebbardesque Records, the label imprint created by Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer in 1980, is pleased to unveil two new Rascal Reporters albums via Bandcamp: Bonus Tracks, Vol. 2 is the latest in our series of Rascal Reporters compilations. Consider this to be the weirder companion piece to Vol. 1, which we released in June of this year. They're all represented here: rarities, outtakes, unreleased demos, and alternate versions that span the Michigan duo's 34-year career, culled from the band's reel-to-reel tape archive. This installment of the series focuses on early demos, spooky remixes and maniacal performances by Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer; an archival grab-bag of weird pop songs, prog-rock puzzlers and sound-on-sound tape experiments. The other new Rascal Reporters album is an astonishing recording that we've entitled Elegant Decay (Live at Oak Park High 1976). Normally considered to be a studio-only group, this release is taken from the band's penultimate live gig (their next was in 1985!), at their Detroit-area high school, on April 14, 1976. 'Elegant Decay...' will shatter any preconceptions of what these young musicians were capable! At times sounding rather like the Canterbury Scene legends Egg, the Rascal Reporters (operating at that time as a trio called Pigling Bland) confounded an audience of their fellow students that day, and we have the proof on tape!