29 ottobre 2013

Due appuntamenti in Italia - domani sera a Roma (Dal Verme) e giovedì 31 a Ravaldino in Monte (Area Sismica) - e a seguire una raffica di concerti in Germania, con musicisti ospiti ogni volta diversi, fino al 7 novembre: torna a farsi sentire Ossatura, l'eccellente trio di Elio Martusciello, Luca Venitucci e Fabrizio Spera.

Improvisation represents the backbone of the music played by Ossatura. The practice of improvising is integrated by discussion, research and critical analysis, all of which contribute to the elaboration of structures, information and organizational modes. Their music is marked by a sequence of sound blocks and diversified interlocking timbres and shapes, where detailed textural work alternates with rhythmic accelerations and highly dense sound events. Standard instrumental techniques are explored, together with heterodox practices such as manipulation, treatment, electrification and amplification of various objects, assuming noise as a structural element. Their improvisational work develops through electro acoustical elaboration in real time and the use of tapes, which both expand and define the space where sound is manipulated. Ossatura tends towards a combination of non-musical languages through a creative process where music is but one of the components in a complex and extended project.