11 ottobre 2013

Esser convocato a corte per la prossima, imminente incarnazione del Re Cremisi - l'ottava - pare abbia sconvolto la vita di Jakko M Jakszyk (e con quella, il contatore di followers della sua pagina Facebook!): "On the evening of July 15 1971 I sat in row 3 at Watford town hall and watched King Crimson. It blew my head off. Robert Fripp and Mel Collins in particular. It somehow felt that my life had changed as a result.
 That seemingly romantic teenage notion came straight back to me 3 weeks ago on the evening of September 4th. The phone rang. It was Robert Fripp. 
Did I have time for chat?
 Of course.
 He was reforming King Crimson. 7 members.
 3 drummers
. He told me who they would all be. 
Except one.
 Would I like to be the 'the primary vocalist and second guitarist'? 
. Like I said.
 Somehow my life had indeed changed."