20 ottobre 2013

Miles Mellough di Birds With Broken Wings compone un ritratto in quattro quadri di Annette Peacock attraverso buona parte della sua discografia ufficiale: "It would seem that it's only the most serious of music listeners who hold any actual connection to Annette Peacock, and for them it generally borders on a love affair. For those less engaged, it's perhaps just a casual awareness. But when it comes to the remaining millions, the reclusive Peacock's proclivity for solitude has resulted in her name remaining completely unrecognized and her music virtually unheard. It may then come as a surprise to anyone who is newly introduced to Peacock that the gifted singer, pianist and composer in fact possesses quite an impressive pedigree, one that dates as far back as the early 1960s. Among her friends, acquaintances, collaborators and admirers both past and present are adventurous jazz musicians like Albert Ayler, Paul Bley and Gary Peacock, all of whom she's worked with (and the latter from whom she gained her surname). Along with them was Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali for whom she was briefly a muse, acting as a 'hologram' in one of his New York exhibitions. Add to this group, counterculture guru and LSD enthusiast Timothy Leary with whom she participated in early mind expansion experiments, and also inventor Robert Moog as well. With Moog, she helped to advance his synthesizer prototype. Then among the more contemporary artists who have name dropped Peacock or have championed her work are David Bowie, Pat Metheny, Busta Rhymes, Al Kooper, Brian Eno, Jaco Pastorius, Morcheeba and most recently, Coldcut. And after reading and hearing Beauty, Brains and Balls, you'll perhaps join that list as well."