02 ottobre 2013

Tornano stasera al Cafe Oto londinese il quartetto di musica concreta Langham Research Centre - che nella prima parte del concerto eseguirà brani di John Cage - e Peter Blegvad: insieme presenteranno Eschatology, proposto finora solo al festival Borealis in Norvegia, a inizio di quest'anno.

Eschatology - featuring text performed live by Peter Blegvad - explores endings: the end of land where we take to ships, the end of radio contact where white noise fills the receiver; the end of individual sounds as they echo and decay in diverse locations. It explores historical doctrines of The End, from the physician Hermann von Helmholtz in 1854, to Ragnarök in Norse mythology. “A liner at sea, heading for a port which no longer exists. Gradual realization among passengers that they’ve escaped a general devastation, but they might be the last human beings on earth.”
Home-made electronic instruments and vintage tape machines are deployed to develop the sonorities derived from field recordings made in Bergen, Norway. Eschatology is a contemplative work that encourages us to consider how it would feel to witness the end of the world.