28 ottobre 2013

Uno dei progetti più sorprendenti del chitarrista americano Philip Lithman - il dinamico Snakefinger di tante avventure con i Residents, scomparso nel 1987 - torna nuovamente alla luce in una ricca riedizione curata dalla tedesca Promising Music (l'album in origine era su Rough Trade): Snakefinger's History of The Blues-Live in Europe, registrato in Svizzera e Germania nel 1983. A scrivere le nuove note di copertina c'è anche Eugene Chadbourne.

The blues was Lithman's first love, and the lessons he learned from masters like Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, and the three Kings (Freddie, Albert, and B.B.) always informed all his work, no matter how outside he may have taken it. Every note he played dripped feeling as well as technique, tradition as well as originality. In 1983, in his typical idiosyncratic fashion, he put together a band from every nook and cranny of San Francisco music except the blues scene: Feldman had just wound up his work with Beefheart; Steve Mackay had recently moved to town after years with Iggy Pop & The Stooges; Richard Marriott and Josh Ende were recruited from the neo-dance band Club Foot Orchestra; Raoul N. DiSeimbôte was a pal of the Residents and active on the theater and comedy circuits; and Miguel Bertel and Johnny "Bonghit" Ryan were mainstays of Lithman's touring band. This motley crew somehow congealed into a tight machine capable of following the leader through any number of blues styles, all fastidiously honoured but by no means slavishly reproduced.