11 novembre 2013

Il nuovo album di Viv Corringham è il resoconto di un'affascinante esplorazione sonora condotta lungo strade e stradine a Porto, Minneapolis, Hong Kong, Londra e New York, luoghi visitati con occasionali compagni e poi ripercorsi in solitudine rintracciando parole, suoni rivelatori e ricordi: Walking, su Innova Recordings.

"These works were all composed between 2009 and 2013. Most are part of my ongoing project Shadow-walks in which I request to be taken on a special walk with an individual, a walk that has been repeated many times and has meaning for the person. We walk together and I record the conversations and environmental sounds. I then repeat the walk alone, attempting to sense my previous companion’s traces on the now solitary walk and to make the memory of shared time and experience audible through singing. These compositions integrate singing, narration and the sounds of the place."