23 novembre 2013

Raro come l'uccello più raro al mondo, nell'opinione di Miles Mellough di Birds With Broken Wings: "Robert Wyatt's peerless music is clear, emotionally charged and always on the verge of breaking, bringing depth and soul to songs that if recorded by a lesser artist, would sound terse and tired. Mixing simple, but effective, sometimes ghostly and ethereal keyboard melodies that are filled with copious atmosphere, along with poignant lyrics that reference both his personal and often highly charged political viewpoints, the results are uniformly haunting and reflective -- generally restless, often clever and always brilliant. Wyatt's is a music that never ceases to be anything but art of the the highest order. And that in short is Robert Wyatt, and it's the reason why he's revered by so many. He's the most rarest of birds in today's world of music and without a doubt, an international treasure."