08 novembre 2013

Si rinnova oggi a Wels (Austria) l'appuntamento con il festival Music Unlimited, tre giorni ricchi di concerti, eventi, installazioni artistiche e spunti di riflessione intitolati quest'anno al 'rumore più bello al mondo', così come inteso dalla curatrice del programma, la violoncellista coreana Okkyung Lee: “For me, noise is the most personal, most individual way of making music” Okkyung Lee states in the course of an interview, specifying her understanding of noise not as a continuous surge of volume or the process of playing with din but as a general idea of sound and sough, an idea of “music that can't be written down or notated.” It's this non-academic approach towards music that makes noise so attractive for the academically trained cellist. “Everybody can produce noise but it's the way they produce it that makes the big difference.”