14 dicembre 2013

Dopo quelle effettuate a Londra, Pechino, Bruxelles, Chicago, Praga, lago Bajkal, mar Caspio e Chernobyl, Peter Cusack presenta una nuova indagine sonora condotta 'sul campo', questa volta nel cuore di Berlino: gli esiti sono in Favourite Berlin Sounds, cd per ReR Megacorp.

"Berlin is interesting because it’s changed so much since the Wall came down over 20 years ago. The transformation of Berlin from being a divided city and a divided nation, to being the capital city of the united country means that there are big changes in Berlin which are unique to Berlin. And of course those changes have created changes in the soundscape. For example, a lot of industry, particularly in the former East Berlin, was immediately closed down. Those areas are now being rebuilt, the factories are going and housing is being built, for example. So the area has changed in 20 years from an industrial area to a residential area, a new community, that was not there before, is moving in and growing and forming. Those are actually big social, architectural, and economic changes in Berlin. How that changes the soundscape is what this project is about."