29 dicembre 2013

Il sassofonista Bryan Murray e il suo quintetto - Bryan and the Haggards - giungono con Merles Just Wanna to Have Fun al terzo capitolo di riletture free ed eterodosse del repertorio di uno dei padri della tradizione country, Merle Haggard. Stavolta a dar loro man forte c'è un deliziato Eugene Chadbourne, che nel progetto ha sempre visto onorate alcune sue antiche intuizioni: "This was what I was trying to do in 1980, get a jazz band to play country and western and get a record label to pay to record it and put it out. The closest I could get to that was Shockabilly and obviously that was a sidetrack. So listening to this is really gratifying! Let’s see if anybody else likes it!". In cd e vinile per la newyorkese Northern Spy Records.