20 dicembre 2013

ReR inaugura la propria sezione di materiali download-only con una raccolta di brani tratti dai concerti tenuti negli anni scorsi dai 'ragazzacci' Daan Vandewalle, Arne Deforce, Jean-Marc Montera e Chris Cutler - The Bad Boys Collective - a vari festival di musica contemporanea in Europa: Out of their Heads aka Graphic Process Instruction.

The Bad Boys specialize in the kind of contemporary repertoire that is both enigmatic and driven by the pressure of immediate transmission – which is why we avoid studios; studios give you too many second chances. Structurally, we are suckers for U-turns, dramatic gestures and polycontentuality, and we like our music to be sensual and intentional – with holes in it. Initially, we were convened to play pieces by Cage, Brown, Cardew and Stockhausen at various international music festivals (hence the name) and aspects of those languages have audibly influenced this work; certainly, our aesthetic, like the band itself, has been marinated in contemporary acoustic and electronic musics, noise and theatre. But our prime objective was to fill a stretch of time intelligently. We like you. We want you to enjoy yourselves – but we don’t want to make it too easy because easy is too quickly exhausted – and you won’t respect us in the morning. So, no spoon, no sugar – but we don’t skimp on the shopping.